Archive | December 2015

30 December 2015

Kiz [coming soon]

The ER-6 in the Cov car park

Sooze: ‘Managed a commute on the bike… on 30 December! Wahey. Bright weather, heated grips, proper German-made kit – wasn’t cold. There may be weeks of snow and ice ahead… the bike is another reason to wish it was springtime.’


27 December 2015

Kiz [coming soon]

Room bells in The Falcon, Stratford

Sooze: ‘Hiding away for a cuppa in The Falcon. I’ve never spotted these room bells before. Very Downtown Abbey.’

26 December 2015

Kiz [coming soon]

Earrings and purse

Sooze: ‘Sales shopping in Accessorize. I bought these earrings for my mum… and a purse for me. I’ve got a thing about circular purses so I can overlook the funny face. Which actually looks quite similar to an expression I regularly wear…’

25 December 2015

Kiz [coming soon]

The staff at The Garrick

Sooze: ‘Working at The Garrick. This is the floor team after service – just as we popped open the prosecco! Cheers!’

24 December 2015

Kiz [coming soon]

Christmas tree

Sooze: ‘Contrary to popular belief, I do actually have a Christmas tree. It’s a Saturnalia tradition, y’see, not a Christian one.’

23 December 2015

Kiz [coming soon]

Large spherical fishbowl at The Big Fish, Stratford upon Avon

Sooze: ‘My first visit to an “award-winning” (really?) chippy just metres from my home. Must they put live fish next to the door like this? So obviously I just had chips. Only potatoes were harmed in the making of my dinner.’

22 December 2015

Kiz [coming soon]

Office Secret Santa

Sooze: ‘Office Secret Santa. Hmm.’