Archive | November 2015

30 November 2015

Kiz [coming soon]

Christmas tree at Mercado de Colon

Sooze: ‘Full height Christmas tree at the Mercado de Colon. Selfies aplenty: a steady stream of tourists came by to have their photo taken in front of it.’


29 November 2015

Kiz [coming soon]

A 'small' G&T

Sooze: ‘I asked for a gin tonique pequeña… and it’s still enormous…’

28 November 2015

Kiz [coming soon]

Torres de Serranos, Valencia

Sooze: I met Julia for brunch in a cafe just next to this stunning building: the Torres de Serranos, part of the old wall fortifications.’

27 November 2015

Kiz [coming soon]

Chris Clunn's exhibition at the Museo de Semana Santa, Cabañal, Valencia

Sooze: ‘Chris Clunn’s photography exhibition at the Museu de Semana Santa in Cabañal. Chris takes shots on b&w film and processes them the old-fashioned way in his own dark-room. The images show modern day Semana Santa celebrations in Cabañal but the b&w nature of the photos means they look timeless.’

26 November 2015

Kiz [coming soon]

Cabañal Thursday street market

Sooze: ‘The fabulous colourful and chaotic weekly Cabañal street market.’

25 November 2015

Kiz [coming soon]

Azam in Kaña Makan, Russafa, Valencia

Sooze: ‘Reviewing Kaña Makan restaurant for 24/7 Valencia magazine. The friendly bar does Spanish-style montaditos and tapas, but with a Middle Eastern twist. Chef/owner Azam is from Syria – here he is behind the bar.’

24 November 2015

Kiz [coming soon]

Bluebell Coffee Co, Russafa, Valencia

Sooze: ‘Julia and I met here: the Bluebell Coffee Company. I’m very happy for the recommendation – I had wholemeal tostada with homemade lemon curd (yum!) and the breakfast menu looks tasty. Turns out the barista pictured here is Northern Irish!’