Archive | October 2015

31 October 2015

Kiz [coming soon]

Sooze: ‘Another fabulous Hallowe-en house party, hosted by Ivan and Stephen. This year’s theme was ‘circus’ so here’s the entire flock of human cannonballs.’


28 October 2015

Kiz [coming soon]

Poppy nose on a truck

Sooze: ‘Wearing a poppy for remembrance is a lovely tradition, unique to us in the UK (courtesy of the British Legion). Here’s a poppy ‘nose’ on an M&S truck.’

27 October 2015

Kiz [coming soon]

Legion Riders Poppy motorcycle pin badge

Sooze: ‘Found it! Legion Riders rare Poppy Bike pin. Yay. I’ve also found the email address of the Legion Riders merchandise fella and ordered some of these from him.’

26 October 2015

Kiz [coming soon]

Triumph Speed Triple and Thruxton in the foyer at McCann in Shirley, Solihull

Sooze: ‘I was worried about parking my motorcycle right out front at Solihull ad agency McCann… until I saw these machines in their foyer. They have the Triumph account, and staff (with appropriate licence and insurance) are allowed to take these bikes out to play! Nice.’

25 October 2015

Kiz [coming soon]

Banana loaves

Sooze: ‘I had a few bananas going manky so fished out my recipe for ‘sticky date and banana loaf’… House smells luscious, I’ve got breakfast sorted for a month, and I’ve used up the bananas and various packets of dried fruits.’

24 October 2015

Kiz [coming soon]

Cheltenham fish clock, designed by Kit Williams

Sooze: ‘Cheltenham’s famous Cheltenham’s Wishing Fish clock in the Regent Arcade. Designed by Kit Williams – as a teenager, I was fascinated by his book Masquerade which contained a real life treasure hunt.’

23 October 2015

Kiz [coming soon]

Elk Christmas decoration in ASDA

Sooze: ‘Saw these elk Xmas decorations… and thought of Ulf. :-)’