Archive | September 2015

30 September 2015


Kiz: ‘In the absence of pen and paper, technology comes to help when I need to record the details of this recommended local joiner.’

Caramel souffle

Sooze: ‘A peach of a mystery shopping job – this time at a boutique hotel & restaurant in a large Cotswold town… Check out this amazing caramel souffle.’


29 September 2015


Kiz: ‘Fun times with my pal Pippa.’


Sooze: ‘I’m an aunt! Just posted this gift off to my brother, who’s had his first child. Baby was breach so wife Sophie had a C-section this afternoon and Joseph John was born at 5.20pm. 7lb 11oz. All doing fine. Baby appears to have a Worthington nose, haaha. Gift is a cloth book – most appropriate thing from a writer.’

28 September 2015


Kiz: ‘I’m planning a new look for our hallway. Plus, I have just learned that I can take a snapshot of my iPhone screen by holding two buttons together! That’s useful.’

Scone and carrot cake

Sooze: ‘Sometimes the highlight of one’s afternoon is as simple as sharing a lunchbreak with a friend and some cakes. :-)’

26 September 2015


Kiz: ‘Islay snapped this tiny glimpse of the emerging red moon this evening from the car… I’m not sure I’ll be getting up in the wee hours to see the eclipse tonight though.’

Robert and Sooze with Rob's brand new Vulcan, at Wheels Birmingham

Sooze: ‘At Wheels for Vicki’s fundraising coffee+cake event for MacMillan. Met up with Robert, my training buddy who today picked up this gorgeous machine, his brand new Kawasaki Vulcan.’

25 September 2015


Kiz: ‘Lots of fun at the Festival of Thrift today, including these beautiful bird sculptures made from recycled materials. I wish I’d paid the artist responsible for her time and talents and just bought the woodpecker or the Owl and Pussycat rather than walking away thinking, “I’m not paying £60 for something I could make myself!”‘

Swiss roll

Sooze: ‘Homemade Swiss roll ready for Wheels’ fundraising event tomorrow.’

24 September 2015


Kiz: ‘My latest inspiring read. It’s research for work, but also great insights into psychological development.’

IKEA elk sausage

Sooze: ‘Swedish dinner tonight! Including this: elk sausage.’

22 September 2015


Kiz: ‘Off to the Rugby World Cup in a few weeks with my dad. Hope it’s fun – I’m not good with crowds!’

IKEA Swedish foodstuffs!

Sooze: ‘Meeting finished early so I braved the awful Cov ring-road to go to IKEA. Had a proper look in the food shop – didn’t just see the Daim cake and meatballs this time. Now Ulf has enlighted me to quality Swedish food, I bought herring, cheese and elk. Looking forward to creating a smörgabord at home this week.’