Archive | August 2015

31 August 2015


Kiz: ‘Out for a long walk with Mum and Islay today. It was beautiful, lovely weather, amazing scenery and glorious air. We had to wade through the same river (twice!) when we lost our way, and the last domestic creatures we saw were these alpacas, which added a moment of comedy at a well-needed juncture!’

Sooze and Will at the Chilli Festival

Sooze: ‘Chilli festival – not sure W needs this board to look Mexican…’


30 August 2015


Kiz: ‘Oh my goodness, the show was amazing! It was almost an hour long and the kids had to do it four times in one day, so they were broken by the end. But the audiences gave such positive responses to their performed and immersive installation piece. This wee one in the photo had me with tears rolling down my cheeks because her performance was so truthful and moving. #veryproudindeed’

Will and Eliza

Sooze: ‘Will and his niece Eliza. She was pleased with her birthday gift from W & me: the brightly coloured real roses. Very grown-up.’

29 August 2015


Kiz: ‘Tonight we had the get-in for tomorrow’s show. This is the aftermath from our staff tea-time, which became part of the set. Utterly disgusting.’

Louise, Dave, Will, Sooze in the Red Lion

Sooze: ‘Freaked out by the wall of dead dogs at The Red Lion in Leighton Buzzard, with Louise, Dave and Will.’

28 August 2015


Kiz: ‘More rehearsal crazies today – fun with trestle masks for these two tinies with tempers!’



Sooze: ‘One of my colleagues gave me a basil plant from her garden. No particular reason, she just knew I’d appreciate it because I ‘eat real food’. Nice. ­čÖé ‘

27 August 2015


Kiz: ‘Popped into the rehearsals for this week’s youth theatre production to find all sorts of madness and mayhem going on under the leadership of these two, Helen and John!’

Sooze and Piksy at Pershore Plum Festival bike night

Sooze: ‘My first bike night on my own machine: here’s me and Piksy at Pershore – it’s part of the town’s Plum Festival (!). Riders were encouraged to wear purple – I’ve got a purple dress on under there but it’s barely visible. Another biking milestone tonight: riding in the dark. Great empty roads in the moonlight: beautiful.’

26 August 2015


Kiz:’I may now be slightly obsessed. But on the plus side, I’ll probably never get a cold!’

Cameron and Sooze at the office

Sooze: ‘The HR team have asked me to write something for the intranet about my ‘job swap’ with Cameron – he’s a letter writer/editor in the Customer Relations team, early in his career as a business writer. We thought we’d take a photo for the article…’

24 August 2015


Kiz: ‘Thanks for the little travel treat, Sooze! I’m tucking into it whilst reading (bad!) scripts on the train home. And thanks for another lovely get-together. Next one soon please!’

Bin store for Maltings Court - construction

Sooze: ‘Contractors for Sheldon Bosley, the┬ácheeky management company for the block next door, are whacking up this bin store. Hang on, that’s right next to Pat & Jen’s windows and right under my balcony. Phone calls and stiffly-worded emails are winging their way to SB and the council.’