Archive | April 2015

30 April 2015


Kiz: ‘Been doing a spot of business planning this week – using my chimney breast as a makeshift white board.’

Panel for political satire discussion

Sooze: ‘I’m truly star-stuck tonight while live-tweeting from our event about political satire. Here Times journalist Hugo Rifkind (whose writing I love because it’s clear and funny) is pontificating about something…The interviewer on the left is John Jefferies, a local history/politics teacher, and on Hugo’s right is Howard McWilliam (known as ‘McBill’ to his employer) who’s the illustratror who does the incredible cartoons on the front of The Week magazine. Also on the panel are Ian Martin, writer of In The Thick of It and Veep, and Tim Benson, an academic specialising in politcal satire/cartoons.’


29 April 2015


Kiz: ‘Dropping Beams off at work on the Quayside in Newcastle and noticed the Kittiwakes have moved from the Tyne Bridge to the Guildhall. Moving up on the property ladder!’

Sooze at the Bear Pit

Sooze: ‘Rupert the Festival photographer snapped me walking to tonight’s event at the Bear Pit theatre.’

28 April 2015


Kiz: ‘Spotted in a tearoom. I should definitely get one of these!’

Alistair Campbell

Sooze: ‘Our Strat Lit Fest spy-cam captured Alistair Campbell on stage at the Artshouse.’

27 April 2015

photo 22

Kiz: ‘Mr B had spotted this old tunnel opening as he passed on the train, so we’ve trekked out today to find out it’s all blocked up and not as exciting as it seemed chugging past.’

Sooze: ‘Evidence of happy customers. Because the Lit Fest has its own venue this year, we’ve got our own cafe, sponsored by Bailie Gifford and run by HR Coffee Bar. And it’s been popular too – I’ve met some interesting new people just by working on my laptop in the cafe area.’

26 April 2015


Kiz: ‘Can’t beat a spot of fruity porridge for a kick-start breakfast.’

At Stratford Literary Festival, Greg McLeod paints caricatures... of dogs

Sooze: ‘A sunny afternoon for our event in Stratford Literary Festival Hub Cafe: animator and artist Greg McLeod paints caricatures… of dogs.’

25 April 2015


Kiz: ‘Beautiful bubbles in vegetable oil when I poured some into this bottle.’

Stratford Literary Festival stewards

Sooze: ‘With some of the other stewards at Stratford Literary Festival – we have a proper ‘home’ venue this year, the Artshouse. It’s the revamped Civic Hall and it looks superb. #properprofessional I’m looking forward to being the digi/social media bunny all week.

23 April 2015


Kiz: ‘Mr B and I are out on a date night and seeing Seasick Steve at the O2 Academy. He was great! I love the song I’ve linked to, Roy’s Gang, which he plays with a “one string diddley-bow” that he made from an old washboard.’

Ricoh arena, Coventry

Sooze: ‘I’m not here for the footie/rugby – it’s AGM day.’