25 March 2015


Kiz: ‘I’ve allowed Islay to make herself a monstrous pudding this evening: ice-cream, jelly (with raspberries in it), squirty cream, strawberries, chocolate AND strawberry sauce, smarties, jelly tots and hundreds and thousands. And she ate the lot. It made me feel sick just looking at it!’

Tortas de aceite

Sooze: ‘Trying out a new recipe – in Valencia, I often buy Spanish tortas de aceite which are a cross between a biscuit and flatbread. They’re sweet-ish with flavour from fennel seeds, and a shiny surface sprinkled with sugar. I found a recipe by Stevie Parle (writes for the Telegraph) and gave it a go – they require yeast but no proving time. Weird. Verdict: successful, they were like a slightly thicker version of the real thing. Here’s my version of the recipe »


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