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31 March 2015


Kiz: ‘I made this (with a bit of help from Islay) for her Easter parade.’

Black bean brownie with yoghurt, lemon curd and torta de aceite

Sooze: ‘And this is my current favourite pud: black bean brownie, Greek yog, lemon curd, and a random torta de aceite.’


30 March 2015


Kiz: ‘Delivering training at Baltic. This time we’re looking at how to work with the public around the Four Road exhibition by Jason Rhoades. One floor is for over-18s only because it features sexually explicit material. I can’t take a photo of that, so I’ve taken one of the view instead.’

Black bean brownies

Sooze: ‘My new favourite recipe: black bean brownies. Beans in brownies?? It works. These are no flour, no egg, no dairy – but still taste great. Here’s the recipe »

29 March 2015


Kiz: ‘Today we’ve taken my parents-in-law out for Sunday lunch at Six restaurant for their respective birthdays. My dessert is something spongey with honey and pistachios…’

Stunt show at Kickback custom bike show, Stoneleigh

Sooze: ‘I reckon I could stand on my head (in a helmet) on a bike… just not sure I could be burning out the rear tyre at the same time…! Awesome stunt show at Stoneleigh.’

28 March 2015

photo 4

Kiz: ‘We’re on a nice famiy day out to Rothbury and saw this epic battle in a toyshop window.’

Henry Cole at the Kickback show at Stoneleigh

Sooze: ‘Look, it’s Henry Cole ‘off of’ the telly! We met him at ‘Kickback’ custom bike show at Stoneleigh, where he was promoting DVDs of his TV shows (biker travel shows and custom-build boy-TV) and his own company, Gladstone. He seems like an example of someone who’s done well on the basis of being a) very knowledgable in his niche but also b) a thoroughly good bloke. Jeremy Clarkson, take note.’

27 March 2015


Kiz: ‘Project planning with Eilidh and Elishia. It looks intense.’

Pasties on Aga

Sooze: ‘This farm shop has sussed how to make sure their food is a sell-out: cook their pasties and cakes in an Aga out on the shop floor. Irresistable!’

26 March 2015

photo 21

Kiz: ‘Small person – large icecream.’

Coventry branch, Leamington

Sooze: ‘The new literature I’ve worked on has made the branches look like they’ve had a make-over. I just scooted past on my way to the dentist yet again – but I hope to get into a branch soon to see everything close up and get some feedback from the staff.’

25 March 2015


Kiz: ‘I’ve allowed Islay to make herself a monstrous pudding this evening: ice-cream, jelly (with raspberries in it), squirty cream, strawberries, chocolate AND strawberry sauce, smarties, jelly tots and hundreds and thousands. And she ate the lot. It made me feel sick just looking at it!’

Tortas de aceite

Sooze: ‘Trying out a new recipe – in Valencia, I often buy Spanish tortas de aceite which are a cross between a biscuit and flatbread. They’re sweet-ish with flavour from fennel seeds, and a shiny surface sprinkled with sugar. I found a recipe by Stevie Parle (writes for the Telegraph) and gave it a go – they require yeast but no proving time. Weird. Verdict: successful, they were like a slightly thicker version of the real thing. Here’s my version of the recipe »