10 February 2015


Kiz: ‘Today I had to cancel everything during the day because I’m suddenly struck with lurgi. Hot and cold sweats, racing heart, lack of appetite etc. I went back to sleep, but had to get to this evening’s rehearsal to rehearse my song with Elishia. I needed to write out the lyrics to have a hope of remembering it though! The song is rather apt.’

Bruised wrist

Sooze: ‘Just starting to turn an attractive shade of red/purple… Every Tuesday I end up with a big bruise on one of my wrist bones; it’s from whacking it on the plastic lane ropes at Cov pool repeatedly for 1.5 hrs. I’m trying to be considerate by keeping over in the lane but I keep catching this pesky bony protrusion as I bring my arm out of water at the back. At least it distracts from the other aches going on around the body after swim training…’


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