Archive | February 2015

28 February 2015

photo 5

Kiz: ‘That’s a lot of bubbles… best to wear goggles!’

McKee's bistro - pie and chips

Sooze: ‘My brother’s in town for the weekend so we had a Worthington meet-up at McKee’s in Balsall Common. My dad was very happy with his ‘chicken pie and chips’. Simple food, done up fancy.’


27 February 2015


Kiz: ‘Woo Hoo! Another break together planned, Sooze!’

Balti Kitchen menu

Sooze: ‘On some Friday nights, especially in winter, sometimes only a balti will do.’

24 February 2015


Kiz: ‘He’s official! Goodbye crappy job, hello new start!’

Leamington Dental Spa

Sooze: ‘I had an initial appointment today: in a few weeks’ time, inside this unassuming Leamington townhouse, some NHS fella will yank out a pesky wisdom tooth I should have had taken out when I was 20. Simultaneously relieved and afraid.’

23 February 2015

photo 3

Kiz: ‘Out for a walk in Slaley Forest. They’ve been doing a little felling…’

Sooze in the shower

Sooze: ‘Urrrhm, I discovered this photo on my camera when I got home. Took my time in the HdV shower – it’s bigger than my kitchen.’

22 February 2015


Kiz: ‘Blossom, baby! Could it be Spring????’

Sooze in room at Hotel du Vin, Cheltenham

Sooze: ‘Upgraded to an amazing suite at the HdV in Cheltenham.’

18 February 2015


Kiz: ‘Saw this in a museum, and thought of you, Sooze. Well, your dad anyway.’

Birthday gifts

Sooze: ‘Gifts from my Cov colleagues: stationery and a nerdy book – lovely!’

17 February 2015


Kiz: ‘I’m seriously thinking about getting some 1950s-style help at home. Cleaning=definitely. Parent helper=for consideration. Housekeeper=in my dreams only.’

Chocolate cake with Mini Eggs

Sooze: ‘Making my own birthday cake. Looks a bit Eastery but these Mini Eggs were lying around needing to get used up…’