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31 January 2015


Kiz: ‘Got some GREAT pics in rehearsals today. One week to go!’

Coffee at the Keys & Kitchen

Sooze: ‘After an enjoyable night at the Keys & Kitchen yesterday, we thought we’d try it for coffee this morning. The coffee itself was OK but that’s the first and last time I go there in the daytime because:

  1. Cr*p seating (little metal stools, plus tat that was more ‘shabby’ than ‘shabby chic’ ).
  2. Two scampering small yappy dogs.
  3. Freezing cold (although staff did stoke the fire when they noticed the handful of customers were still all wearing their outdoor gear).
  4. Served by a man apparently still wearing his PJs (slubby grey trackie bottoms).
  5. Cr*p food: ‘toast’ was nutritionally pointless mass-produced sliced white, pre-spread and not even redeemed by the Bonne Maman jams accompanying it.
  6. Awful plinky hotel/lift muzak (think Bridge Over Troubled Waters).

It was so bad, we didn’t linger, instead nipping around the corner for a coffee at McKechnie’s.’


30 January 2015


Kiz: ‘Islay keeps giving us little ‘I love you’ drawings. This is me playing with a ball.’

Key and Kitchen, Stratford - giant glittery lips on the wall of the ladies' loo

Sooze: ‘Friday afterwork (as they say en España) at the recently (ish) refurbed Keys & Kitchen (formerly The Cross Keys) pub in Stratford with RSC pals celebrating Bec’s 30th birthday. After reminiscing about The Rocky Horror Show with Ivan, I was surprised to see this err, striking metre-long reference to the show in the ladies’ loo.’

29 January 2014


Kiz: ‘Enjoying a Bellini at Harry’s Bar on a rare date with Mr B. I’m remembering our trip to Venice, Sooze. Partly because it was ACE and party because of this grumpy bugger I’m out with!’

Pathetic snowfall on Stratford rooftop

Sooze: ‘The rest of the UK is in the midst of a blizzard. Here in Stratford, it snowed for all of five minutes. Here’s the pathetic result.’

28 January 2015


Kiz: ‘Rehearsal for the forthcoming ‘Celebration of Stage & Screen’ event being organised by our Youth Theatre Young Leaders. Benedict Cumberbatch will be there in flatpack form, for selfies etc, and he brought his mini-me to the rehearsal too. Affectionately called, Benedict Pocketbatch.’

First snowdrop of 2015

Sooze: ‘Giddy with excitement when I spotted this tiny snowdrop right outside my front door – yippee, it’s SPRINGTIME (almost)!’

27 January 2015


Kiz: ‘Planning some of the decoration for a forthcoming event. Silver Screen style giant photos on the walls… this is the prototype. It’s weird piecing together someone’s face on your living room floor…’

Gift for Jules

Sooze: ‘A gift for my fellow writer Jules, who’s just turned 60. What does one writer buy for another? A notebook, obv.’

26 January 2015


Kiz: ‘Check out this grown-up looking munchkin! I used to rock bunches when I was her age too :-)’

Sooze with baby Thomas

Sooze: ‘Meeting my Liftshare buddy Hanna’s little creation: baby Thomas.’

25 January 2015


Kiz: ‘I’m experimenting with recreating the baked eggs/omelette we enjoyed in Valencia. This is cherry tomato, spinach and cheese. The baking powder makes it puff up beautifully. Can’t wait to dig into this one!’

Chocolate crackle-top biscuits

Sooze: ‘Chocolate crackle-top biscuits – like a sort of brownie in biscuit form.’