22 November 2014


Kiz: ‘Lovely glass haul from a beach walk today. I’ve never found so many different colours in one go. The swell was something else today too. Must have been a good 10feet. I just wanted to stand on the dunes and look out at the waves like the wild woman of the North East that I am.’

Brown stripey walls in Cabanyal, Valencia

Sooze: ‘Cycling through the historic but tumble-down old fishing district of Cabañal, I wondered why some of the walls have been painted with these brown stripes. Turns out the stripes indicate where the council have bought buildings and pulled them down. Allegedly to make way for a main road to be extended through this district to the sea-front. Don’t do it Valencia. It’s just like the bozos who thought it was a good idea to rip down the old city walls as a ‘job creation’ project. Short-sighted.’


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