Archive | October 2014

31 October 2014


Kiz: ‘Another v v late night tonight getting in for the show tomorrow… building a theatre from scratch is hard graft! This evening I brought a large pot of home-made chilli for the team’s tea to keep us all going. Don’t they all look energetic?’

More mushrooms at Binley

Sooze: ‘Abundant mushrooms in Binley, Part II: after spotting the chubby ‘shrooms I snapped yesterday, I spotted a clump of these more normal-looking flat ones today. And people around the building who I’ve never spoken to before are now asking me why I was photographing the lawn. Which is really helping my reputation as an oddball…’


30 October 2014


Kiz: ‘I’ve come back to the Millennium Hall this evening to get started covering the walls in A1 black paper… this is 3 hours’ work. I reckon it’s going to be a late night tomorrow to get it all in!’

Tall mushrooms in lawn

Sooze: ‘These tall mushrooms have appeared on the lawn outside the Cov, like a game of skittles. Kiz, I bet you’ll know what these are and whether they’re poisonous or not?!’

29 October 2014


Kiz: ‘Perilous Persimmons in Asda… I bought three packets as they were 86p each. I’ve decided not to waste them by carving mini jack-o-lanterns, as the packaging suggests.’

Sooze: [coming soon]

28 October 2014


Kiz: ‘Is it me, or is this packaging from Amazon a little over the top for a roll of gaffer tape..?’

Decree absolute

Sooze: ‘Significant post.’

27 October 2014


Kiz: ‘Day 1 of the first performance project in my company that I’m not directing… checked in with everyone, then left them to it. Currently perusing the furniture in TSF’s store for possible bits and pieces for the show’s design.’

Thermos flask

Sooze: ‘Someone knows me well: a celebratory gift of a Thermos flask for the office, and some emergency tea-cakes.’

26 October 2014


Kiz: ‘Can you spot it..? It’s the plane that will be taking me to Spain in a few short weeks….. can’t wait to see you, Sooze!’

Homemade pizza

Sooze: ‘Had a brainwave while making bread: use half the batch to make pizza bases. Delish.’

25 October 2014


Kiz: ‘Mashing the heck out of a curry paste. It. Smells. Incredible.’

Warwickshire Charity Truck Convoy 2014 - at the Coventry Transport Museum

Sooze: ‘Looks like we got ourselves a convoy! Surprisingly entertaining afternoon at the Cov Transport Museum looking around this 40-truck convoy which had driven in from Stratford.’