Archive | August 2014

31 August 2014


Kiz: ‘First night I’ve put Islay to bed in a week – and I check on her on my way to bed to discover this beautiful scene. Chris Bear and Chris Bear 2 have their own little beds, with tissue covers and pillows AND Chris Bear 2 has been built a book bunk bed so he can sleep at the same level as them!’

Lion wearing his lion hat

Sooze: ‘The Lion assures me that he will actually be wearing his latest purchase: a lion hat. Really?’


30 August 2014


Kiz: ‘Final rehearsals for this week’s show – in the studio theatre we created in a village hall by covering the walls in newspaper and bringing in the electrical kit!’

Lichfield Speakers Corner

Sooze: ‘I like this idea in Lichfield – in 2009, they brought back the Speakers’ Corner’. Sadly when I visited today (on the way back from a Buddhist day-course), no-one was speaking…’

29 August 2014


Kiz: ‘Today I shall be taking some of Mr B’s lovely tomatoes from our front garden. They’ve all ripened in a flurry. Probably realising that the Summer sun is almost gone!’

Blackberries and yoghurt

Sooze: ‘Dinner with my parents involved a ramble down the canal in Stratford to pick blackberries for our pud – to accompany my homemade Swiss roll. Yum.’

28 August 2014


Kiz: ‘An illustration to go with the TVYT fan fiction about playing ‘The Limb Game’ written by one of the girls this week.’

Waitrose Ceylon loose tea

Sooze: ‘Loose-leaf Ceylon tea from Waitrose. Sainsbury’s stopped selling this type of tea – it’s my parents’ favourite so they now buy it at Waitrose… but it disappeared from Waitrose’s shelves for over a month too. Thanks to a tip off from the Waitrose Customer Service team, I heard that it was back in stock in the Stratford branch…. so I bought the lot. M&D very happy.’

27 August 2014


Kiz: ‘I don’t know whether coming home to an eerily empty house for the third night is preferable to this melee of kids..?’

Gin and tonic

Sooze: ‘First red wine aged 28. Then sherry aged 30. And now… I’m a gin&tonic drinker. Whatever next?’

26 August 2014


Kiz: ‘Mr B’s chilli garden in our front window is coming along nicely. I’ll be adding some chilli to this evening’s tea, I think.’

Thorton's packet

Sooze: ‘A questionable strapline from Thortons. Lovingly? Barf.’

25 August 2014


Kiz: ‘Some people might be chilling out on a Bank Holiday, but I’m kicking off another intensive project… got this fantastic new Matilda mug from one of the kids though, getting the week off to a grand start!’

Dinner at Il Moro

Sooze: ‘Trying out the new Il Moro restaurant in the old Island Cafe unit just metres from my home. The food’s nice enough but nothing I couldn’t rustle up at home. But at home I don’t have to eat with the Birmingham Road traffic hurtling towards me…’