Archive | June 2014

30 June 2014


Kiz: ‘Being chased by this storm…’

Brand new Smart

Sooze: ‘Hello new Smartie.’


29 June 2014


Kiz: ‘I like this play on local words in the Metro Centre. Shame it’s still like Hell-on-Earth in here!’

Cygnet hitches a ride on his mum

Sooze: ‘<still laughing at the ‘wi-i-fi-man’ gag> Having at tea-time picnic at the Old Swimming Place in Stratford, we weren’t expecting an entertaining river birds floor-show. This pair of swans with their four cygnets hung around us optimistically. I’ve never seen cygnets ride on their mum’s back like this. Adorable.’

28 June 2014


Kiz: ‘Is it just me, or has this been done to death now?’

Smart car and AA truck


27 June 2014


Kiz: ‘Islay has been to see ‘The Gruffalo’ at the Theatre Royal today. When I picked her up this afternoon she was full of beans and just had to leap off this war memorial.’

Hayne's manual: 'Women's Home DIY'

Sooze: ‘I had an Twitter exchange with Haynes last year about why they don’t bother making a manual about Smart cars. And yet, as found in the library, they make this. Because women’s DIY is different? It must be because we have to use those special pink power-tools.’

26 June 2014


Kiz: ‘Woo hoo! I got mail! Thanks for the Wild Swimming books, Sooze. Now we can plan escapades together by book… page 98 is one for starters… Tuscan hot springs is definitely one of my Italian destinations of choice!’


Sooze: ‘After being away for two Thursday nights, I’m back to my regular routine of meditation class. Just setting up the mini shrine on the table…  At the back, that’s Buddha Shakyamuni, whose teachings all strands of Buddhism are based on. And at the front, that’s Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, the Spiritual Guide of the tradition in which I’m a student.’

25 June 2014


Kiz: ‘Last thing this evening, tired from a long week and a long day (and perhaps under the influence of a G&T), I was so relieved to make it with an empty fuel tank to the all night garage that I proceeded to put the wrong fuel in Neil’s car and had to call out a Knight in a shining (and very unsubtle!) van.’

Sign: Cosy Nook'

Sooze: ‘Ahhh fancy naming your house this! Here this sign is just cute, but it’d be particularly amusing on a huge mansion…’

24 June 2014


Kiz: ‘This guy on the train had a nifty laptop case – like a large volume of something important. I wonder whether I could find a case that doubles as a pillow… I could really use a nap!’

Avenue Farm road sign

Sooze: ‘I’ve often wondered about this road name in Stratford because the road is neither an avenue nor a farm.’