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30 April 2014


Kiz: ‘My little victory. I got a £100 ticket in March for staying 10 minutes too long in a 3-hour limit car park where there was no facility to pay. (It’s a shopping complex and they obviously assume that lazy shoppers are going to drive their cars to each shop rather than stay parked in one spot and walk.) I appealed the ticket, and despite their attempts to put me off by giving more hoops to jump through, I persisted to this end.’

Bubbles & Board at the One Elm

Sooze: ‘Bubbles & Board, the Wednesday night special at the One Elm, after another evening stewarding at Stratford Literary Festival.’


29 April 2014


Kiz: ‘Islay’s been to pre-school today and is a bit tired, but the dog needs a good run… Our solution was to fashion a seat for her on the crossbar of my bike (from a cushion and gaffer tape) and go for a ride with the dog. We saw our first bluebells of the year too – and the sun even came out!’Sooze name card

Sooze: ‘I’ve kept the name card from the induction, so folks can see how to spell my name. And I’ve met another Kiz!’

28 April 2014


Kiz: ‘I’m doing the parent bit today by joining Islay’s pre-school trip to Whitehouse Farm. We’ve fed goats, sheep, lambs, cows, horses and met pigs, deer and lots of small creatures – including this rabbit that was passed between them all.’

Sooze [coming soon]

27 April 2014


Kiz: ‘Lovely flowers, chocolates and a card from the cast of, ‘Heritage’. It’s been a blast! Now time for a rest!’

Hugh Pym at Stratford Literary Festival

Sooze: ‘New weird crush: Hugh Pym, who spoke at the LitFest about the UK banking crisis. In person: incredibly tall. In his event: entertaining and educational. What better way to spend the evening before my two-day corporate induction at a 100% ethical building society?!’

26 April 2014


Kiz: ‘Out tonight with Dafydd (writer of our play – L), Emma (director of Northern Stage Young Company production of the same play – M) and Alice (director from National Theatre – R). It’s very late/early and we’re in a dodgy bar called Madisons.’

David Crystal speaking at Stratford Literary Festival

Sooze: ‘Who better to kick off StratLitFest than the brilliant linguist David Crystal?’

25 April 2014


Kiz: ‘My lovely TVYT gang during our technical rehearsal at Northern Stage. I’m so proud of them all.’

Giant Godiva puppet

Sooze: ‘Giant Godiva at the celebrations for Shakespeare’s birthday. Two things: 1) Wasn’t Godiva famously naked? and 2) Didn’t she have long hair? I am nit-picking – this is an impressive puppet.’

24 April 2014


Kiz: ‘Islay and her daddy’s new endeavour.’

Flagpoles down Bridge Street, Stratford

Sooze: ‘Flagpoles down Bridge Street. Stratters is gearing up for festival time, when every weekend hosts a different festival.’