Archive | February 2014

28 February 2014


Kiz: ‘Going for my first run in ages this morning along the river. The council have just cut down loads of trees and you can now see exactly how rickety this bridge is… Good thing there’s going to be strengthening work done soon because I worry for these cars crossing it!’

Edible flower bed

Sooze: ‘Here’s a great idea. Flower beds in public spaces (here, roadside in Oxfordshire) planted with useful edible plants. I think these mini-trees are broccoli. The rest of the bed is planted with herbs etc, and you can just help yourself.’


27 February 2014


Kiz: ‘I thought Islay’s best friend, Chris Bear, was due another feature. Picked up my phone today to find 48 photos of him on there. It must be love.’


Tower Bridge, London

Sooze: ‘Iconic London landmark. I’m staying just north of Tower Bridge, and walking to work in Borough High Street.’

26 February 2014


Kiz: ‘Stunning chainsaw art (!) Green Man bench at a Northumberland Country House.’

Dolcetti at Pizza Express, Stratford

Sooze: ‘Orange Wednesday: pre-cinema Pizza Express, then The Momuments Men.

25 February 2014


Kiz: ‘My ever-present cooking companion.’

Madhur Jaffrey's haddock & yoghurt curry

Sooze: ‘Cooked one of my favourite recipes: Madhur Jaffrey’s haddock & yoghurt curry. A favourite because it’s not only tasty but low fat and super cheap.’

24 February 2014


Kiz: ‘An excellent use for bananas that have gone black. And with some bits of dark chocolate thrown in too. Yum.’

It's a book - children's book

Sooze: ‘Nutty children’s book in McKechnie’s cafe. Donkey’s friend Rabbit can’t work out how to ‘scroll down’ in a book…’

23 February 2014


Kiz: ‘Islay’s been doing some conceptual photography today…’

Card with quote about swimming

Sooze: ‘Interesting quote on a greetings card. (Although I’m not sure on which, if any, occasion it would be appropriate to send this card. And anyway, you could say the same about for example: running, eating etc.)’

22 February 2014


Kiz: ‘Visit to Kirkley Hall Zoo and this chap and I were eyeing eachother…’

Pump Street, Worcester

Sooze: ‘This morning: (Body)Pump at SLC; this afternoon, Pump Street in Worcester.’