Archive | November 2013

30 November 2013


Kiz: ‘The latest prototype lantern for our Massive Masquerade… now covered in organza. One down, 13 to go!’

Sooze with a spork

Sooze: ‘Having lunch at Omega, by the beach in Valencia, I was served ‘soupy rice’ with additional cutlery: a spork! I’ve only ever seen plastic ones for camping but here’s a bona fide formal metal dinner spork.’


29 November 2013


Kiz: ‘At Wheelbirks Icecream Parlour for a meeting with the local County Councillor. Mr B and his colleagues haven’t yet booked a Christmas meal/do – maybe they should come here for sundaes..?’


Sooze: ‘This amazing 5 metre long sandcastle on the beach in Valencia took the constructor nearly four days to finish. Wowsers.’

28 November 2013


Kiz: ‘The latest additional to my cookie cutter collection – just in time to make some novelty gingerbread to sell at our Massive Masquerade. I’ll be topping it with edible glitter, which is apparently not so much “edible” as “non-toxic”!”

Horchateria El Siglo, Valenica

Sooze: ‘I’m hidden at a table on the balcony in El Siglo, near Plaza Reina. It’s una horchateria, famous for its horchata, as the locals at the bar proudly proclaimed when I walked in, but I’m having un cafe descafeinado. The place looks like a 1950s film-set – the staff are mostly older too so it’s a confident and peaceful place to meet.’

27 November 2013


Kiz: ‘As a nod to your Spanish adventure, Sooze, we bought some persimmons today. We’re making an apple, pear and persimmon crumble for pudding. Yum. (Also, you have helped me answer a question about a fruit we’ve had on our lunch platters at Northern Stage a few times that no-one could identify! Thanks.)

El Saler's toilets sign

Sooze: ‘Ooh look, El Saler shopping centre has a special loo just for us mermaids!
(NB: For non-readers of Spanish, mujeres just means ‘women…’)

26 November 2013


Kiz: ‘This is my pet hate. Bad grammar or spelling on public signs and labelling….. aarrrgh!’

La Lonja de Seda, Silk Exchange in Valencia

Sooze: ‘Valencia’s Lonja de Seda (Silk Exchange) is as impressive as any cathedral.’

25 November 2013

Newcastle Upon Tyne-20131125-00414

Kiz: ‘Islay and I went to see ‘Tallest Tales from the Furthest Forest’ at Northern Stage today. Really good fun and packed with small children…. lots of songs and magic. Islay was really not sure of the leshy (storytelling creature) who pulled a magic light out from behind her ear though…!’

For sale in Lidl: platter of British cheeses

Sooze: ‘For sale in Lidl – as some kind of Christmas speciality: platters of British cheeses. Includes such delights as Red Leicester. No wonder los españoles think our food is beige and boring.’

24 November 2013


Kiz: ‘An adventure in the woods.’

Concert in the Mercado de Colon

Sooze: ‘A free concert by a school orchestra in one of my favourite places in Valencia, el Mercado de Colon. They were good too – coffee and a concert for less than a quid.’