31 October 2013

Fashion Show

Kiz: ‘I was at the Metrocentre (yes, I’m here again – but this time buying costume and props for tomorrow’s Silent Movie in a day!) and saw this strange rehearsal for a fashion show / performance by what looked like students . I wish I could have stayed to see what else they did, but sadly, life pulled me away.’

Dark bar at the Radisson Blu, Stansted

Sooze: ‘Could this bar be any darker? I’m staying at the Radisson Blu @ Stansted, which is like a big American cruise-ship. This is the view from my room – like a cruise-ship cabin, see? And the bar was permanently this dark. Weird. And soporific. Maybe that was the point? In the evening, if people ordered a bottle of wine, a girl in a black catsuit hoiked herself up this blue tower to fetch it. Sounds cool, but it looked… pretentious. Feel like I’m in a parallel universe.’


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