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31 October 2013

Fashion Show

Kiz: ‘I was at the Metrocentre (yes, I’m here again – but this time buying costume and props for tomorrow’s Silent Movie in a day!) and saw this strange rehearsal for a fashion show / performance by what looked like students . I wish I could have stayed to see what else they did, but sadly, life pulled me away.’

Dark bar at the Radisson Blu, Stansted

Sooze: ‘Could this bar be any darker? I’m staying at the Radisson Blu @ Stansted, which is like a big American cruise-ship. This is the view from my room – like a cruise-ship cabin, see? And the bar was permanently this dark. Weird. And soporific. Maybe that was the point? In the evening, if people ordered a bottle of wine, a girl in a black catsuit hoiked herself up this blue tower to fetch it. Sounds cool, but it looked… pretentious. Feel like I’m in a parallel universe.’


30 October 2013


Kiz: ‘I made these cupcakes for Mr B to take to his workmates for a little Halloween treat. (Apparently his colleague, James, almost choked to death on a silver ball – sorry James – it must be that Halloween vibe. Woah ha ha haaaa!  *sorry*)  I also made mini ones to give to the kids doing our TVYT play in a day today, but forgot to take a photo of those before they were devoured. Drat!.’

One Elm board+bubbles

Sooze: ‘Dinner out the day before I set off for Spain – ‘Bubbles and Boards’ at The One Elm. Bottle of prosecco, a big deli board and unlimited bread. Went to bed boozy on fizz (and uhm, a slivovic hot chocolate). (Update: Woke up the next morning with one eye throbbing and both eyes bloodshot. it’s true what they say about slivovic. And I only had one shot.)’

29 October 2013

Ikuze dinners

Kiz: ‘Mr B and I went out for an impromptu dinner at Ikuze Japanese restaurant in the Metrocentre, which was lovely. I had a Bento Box and Mr B After a little research, I find out that it’s ‘possibly the best restaurant in the Metrocentre.’

Beko washing machine panel saying 'POO'

Sooze: ‘My washing machine’s not working properly. I ran its secret ‘test mode’, and this is what it had to say for itself.’

28 October 2013


Kiz: ‘Islay enjoying a bambinoccino that she waved over the waiter and ordered herself….!’

Lazy Cow icecreams

Sooze: ‘Wacky ice-cream flavours in Cox’s Yard (now known as ‘The Lazy Cow’). I think I’ll pass, and instead have ‘helado’ when I’m in España this weekend!’

27 October 2013

Christmas is coming...

Kiz: ‘The two-month Christmas season is upon us………… bluuurrrgh!’

Stuffocation - new word in a magazine

Sooze: ‘I like this new word: ‘stuffocation’, spotted in the Sunday Times Style magazine. It’s the feeling that you’re overwhelmed with clutter. Some bloke’s written a self-help book about it, hence the feature in the Times.’

26 October 2013

Kiz [comng soon]

UHDTVs in Selfridges, Birmingham

Sooze: ‘Research for an article I’m writing for How It Works magazine – it’s about 4K TVs, a type of ultra-high-def display. They’re impressive but shops want us all to buy HDTVs before they then roll out 4K TVs. It’s going to be years before we’ll be able to watch TV in 4K.’

25 October 2013


Kiz: ‘Amazing metal horse sculpture in Trinity Shopping Centre in Leeds.’

Ye Olde Pounde Cafe, between Henley in Arden and Hockley Heath

Sooze: ‘I read somewhere that any establishment calling itself ‘Ye Olde [insert name]’ is guaranteed to be awful.  Does this theory hold for this place, a 1980s-ish greasy spoon / truck-stop between Henley in Arden and Hockley Heath? Yep. I do like a greasy spoon, but this was was definitely underwhelming.’