Archive | September 2013

30 September 2013

Roses for no reason

Kiz: ‘A little ‘I love you’ for no particular reason from Mr B.’

Veg curry

Sooze: ‘You know winter’s coming when you feel the need
to make a big vat of veggie curry and hunker down
with a big bowl of it on the sofa.’


29 September 2013

St. Mary's lighthouse

Kiz: ‘Lovely Sunday afternoon pottering in rock pools and building sand castles at St. Mary’s lighthouse.’

Burger, beer, candle

Sooze: ‘Sunday evening, a pub in the middle of nowhere but surprisingly close to Stratford, a veggie burger shared with companion. I ate a third. How do people consume the whole thing?’

28 September 2013

Build your own pavlova

Kiz: ‘This evening we’ve made build-your-own-pavlovas for pudding. Home-made meringues, fruit, home-made raspberry coulis, cream and grated white chocolate have all been on offer.’

Yoga beginners group

Sooze: ‘Not an average Saturday: I’ve been guiding meditations at yoga workshops taught by Peter (on the left). at the Grosvenor Hotel in Stratford. Here are our ‘beginners’ participants.’

27 September 2013


Kiz: ‘Lovely home-made Parma ham, mushroom and fresh fig pizza for tea. Even the base and sauce was made from scratch. Yum.’

The main dining room at The Bell

Sooze: 9pm at The Bell – a dark busy dining room, barely had time to grab my phone & snap this pic.’

26 September 2013


Kiz: ‘I’m sure this toilet roll label is supposed to mean, “17.9p per 100 sheets“, but that’s not what sprang to my mind.’

Front page of Stratford Herald 26 September 2013

Sooze: ‘I was drawn immediately to this bike theft story on the front of today’s Stratford Herald – and then realised the cyclist is my gym buddy Corrin! Oh dear. She has terrible bike karma (flat tyres, sabotage etc) and now it’s been stolen.’

25 September 2013

Pick N Mix flyers

Kiz: ‘The leaflets for the TVYT Autumn season have arrived – just in time to hand out at the St. Jo’s sessions that start today!’

Pathia balti at Al Frash, Birmingham

Sooze: ‘I’m a bit under-the-weather. The Lake District fresh air, sleeps and swims were restorative but to further ‘kill or cure’ it, a proper Brummie balti is required. Big karahi dish, hot pathia balti. Goodbye lurgi!’

24 September 2013


Kiz: ‘Beautiful mushroom specimen.  However, having consulted three different mushrooming books, I am still unable to identify it, so probably won’t be serving this one up on toast..!’

Table at Pitch

Sooze; ‘I’m working for a mega-brand today, helping at their ‘co-creation’ workshops. This table in their big light workroom is cluttered with stuff designed to ‘facilitate’ creative thinking.’