Archive | August 2013

31 August 2013

Prop cameras for show

Kiz: ‘It’s 2am and I am just off to bed after a good night’s prop-making session. I’m actually pretty proud of these. Hope the kids like them!’

Smart and Geoff's historic kart

Sooze: ‘Smart and a kart!
At Rissington kart track, near Stow-on-the-Wold.’


30 August 2013

Character work in rehearsals

Kiz: ‘We’ve had some of our new practitioners join us for this project. Here Helen is running a character-building exercise, Vix is making notes and I’m faffing about with a camera.’

Keith and George Seffen on the RST stage in Stratford-upon-Avon

Sooze: ‘On a flying visit through Stratford, Keith and George (who here is demonstrating his Jim-Carey-lookalike qualities) had a whistle-stop tour of the sights, including a chance to stand on the RST stage.’

29 August 2013

Vix in rehearsals

Kiz: ‘Vix making some very important notes in rehearsals for the ideas board behind her… in the form of a spider picture ;-)’

Scoff & Banter - a bar?

Sooze: ‘I like the name of this… bar. I think it’s a bar.’

28 August 2013


Kiz: ‘Swallows are communing outside our house… gearing up for a long flight somewhere warm before the Winter comes. Who does that remind me of….?’

Mercedes parked outside The Dorchester hotel, Park Lane

Sooze: ‘ Another remarkable car at The Dorchester – this one’s a Mercedes pimped up with this mirrored copper-orange finish. (Covered in fingerprints and smears though.)’

27 August 2013


Kiz: ‘Day #1 of the last play-in-a-week for at least six months. Found this mug in the cupboard and have adopted its message as my motto for the week (and life!).’

Paddling at the bridge over the Thames in Wolvercote, Oxford

Sooze: ‘I’m also refusing to grow up! Couldn’t resist a paddle in this clear fast-flowing river at Wolvercote, near Oxford.’

26 August 2013


Kiz: ‘Mr B is heading off for a training course in Scotland for four days, after a hearty breakfast of wild chanterelle mushrooms (that we picked yesterday from our secret woodland spot and double-checked their identity) on toast.’

Facebook update

Sooze: ‘My brother proposed to his ladyfriend on Saturday night and announced it on Fcbk this morning. Hooray! I’m delighted for them. 🙂 ‘

25 August 2013


Kiz:  ‘Yep – I think that screen has had it.  Courtesy of the angelic little face in the background. Starting a new project in 48 hours too.  Drat. Drat. Drat. That is all.’

Vauxhall 'Adam' car

Sooze: ‘Spotted on my run (Bishopton & the canal):
The Vauxhall ‘Adam’. What kind of name is that for a car?’