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31 July 2013


Kiz: ‘The kids are mostly enjoying the violence of this play..!’

Working in the public library, Stratford-upon-Avon

Sooze: ‘Back to the winter weather: grey and stormy here so I’m working in the lovely public library. The ‘Silver Surfers’ group was in today – rowdy lot.’


30 July 2013


Kiz: Day #2 of this weeks’ project. I’m all set up ready for the morning, but how will the day go? Will there be some material there at the end of the day?’

RSC ticket (held in front of the Swan Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon)

Sooze: ‘Bought a ticket for my first theatre trip in ages.
I’ve been advised to this show, rather than Titus,
which I’m told is so gruesome I’d have to watch it
from behind my hands. Eek.’

29 July 2013


  Kiz: ‘Being filmed for the behind-the-scenes featurette for our TVYT play-in-a-week.’

Sooze swimming in the Wye at Kerne Bridge, Forest of Dean

Sooze: ‘Swam at this superb spot at Kerne Bridge on the River Wye, near The Inn on the Wye. Went in off a purpose-built landing for canoes. There’s been a lot of rain in the last few days so the river was running fast –  swimming upstream was like being in an ‘infinity’ pool (working hard to just stay in the same place). Joining the sprats in the powerful water flowing through this beautiful landscape gave me a strong sense of my insignificance in the Earth’s ecosystem. And the cuppa afterwards tasted ace. Kiz (and Islay), WYWH…’

28 July 2013


Kiz: ‘Not sure of the variety, but this stunning moth is one of a large number of fluttering creatures taking refuge from the rain in our house.’

Geoff ready to race in his classic kart

Sooze: ‘In Aberdare with friends Geoff and Susan to
watch G race his classic kart (which he built himself)
round the 0.9 mile track. He came second. Impressive!

27 July 2013


                  Kiz: ‘Having a very nice time at Hall Hill Farm – where there are all manner of animals to feed and cuddle and look at.’

Flat tyre

Sooze: ‘Uhhh nooooo….’

26 July 2013


Kiz: ‘Beep Beep!  Islay’s driving in her car…’

Sleeping in the living room

Sooze: ‘Slept in the living room! French doors open,
wrapped in big blanket, like being in a treehouse.
Woke up to this pure blue sky.’

25 July 2013


Kiz: ‘…………and a new bathroom! Yippie!!! There’s quite a lot of decorating to do but not a blob of mould in sight! Sooooooo happy!’

Khaki gilet in Marks and Spencer

Sooze: ‘All the shops are filling up with winter stuff!
I don’t want reminding that this sunshine’s only
temporary and we’ll soon have to pile on the layers. 😦 ‘