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30 June 2013


Kiz: ‘Cheering on the semi-pro nutcases as they power up the steeper of two hills called, The Ryals, on lap 3/6 of The Beaumont Trophy road-cycling race in Northumberland.’

Sooze *in* the Avon at Alveston

Sooze: ‘So yesterday was the recce; today I did it.
Wild swim in the Avon! Kiz, look what you started!
(Wish you were here, KC…)’


29 June 2013


Kiz: ‘It’s official! I am once again part of the spectacles-owning brigade.’

Sooze on the bank of the River Avon at Alverston

Sooze: ‘Hmm, shall I get in,..?’

28 June 2013

28 June

Kiz: ‘It’s raining, it’s pouring… so we’re at The Running Fox cafe.
It’s too soon for another cream tea though!’

Sooze on hotel balcony above Welbeck Street, London

Sooze: ‘Another day, another bed.
This was the only room in the hotel
with a balcony. Nice! London’s
skyline isn’t a patch on Bath’s though…’

27 June 2013


Kiz: ‘I’ve only been away for six days and this is definitely starting
to look like a ‘boy fridge’… must go shopping!’

H2Open magazines

Sooze: ‘Who knew there was a magazine about open-water swimming? My friend Simon’s lent me these. They mostly focus on competing and charity swims but it’s fueling my enthusiasm…’

26 June 2013


Kiz: ‘A cup of tea and flowers by the bed is a nice way to
wake up the first morning at home after a holiday.
Thanks, Mr B!’

Squirrel nibbling some food

Sooze: ‘In Jephson Gardens, Leamington. Cute!’

25 June 2013

Kiz and Sooze in the Cross Bath, Therma Spa

Kiz & Sooze: ‘We decide to go to Thermae Bath Spa –
it turns out the rooftop pool is closed for ‘annual
maintenance’. Gah! Instead, we had the Cross Bath
to ourselves for over an hour. Over-priced, small and
chlorine-y, but an enjoyable indulgence.’

24 June 2013

Afternoon tea at Bath Pump Rooms

Kiz: ‘It’s after 12pm but this is today’s highlight:
we are apparently ladies who lunch!’

Afternoon tea at Bath Pump Rooms

Sooze: ‘At Bath’s famous Pump Rooms!
Here’s Kiz, admiring our tower of food.
1.5 hours later, all that remained were crumbs.’