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31 May 2013

In rehearsals for the opera

Kiz: ‘Just popped in on a break from musical rehearsals to see how the tech is going… they’re plotting the lighting to make the set look even more amazing. No composer yet. Apparently the lawyers have been talking and we now don’t know when she and her family will be joining us..!’

Sooze having hot water at Camp Laxey AFC

Sooze: ‘Sooze is AWAY! Enjoying a cup of hot water
after a fab night’s camping at Laxey AFC.’


30 May 2013

Preparations for the opera

Kiz: ‘Into the opera marathon we go…
In the get-in for Sweeper of Dreams.
Andy (the lovely designer) is putting the final
touches to some dreams in jars.’

John and Suzanne outside his workplace: The Royal Liver Building on the Liverpool docks

Sooze: ‘With my brother John outside his workplace:
The Royal Liver Building on the Liverpool docks.’

29 May 2013

Islay's drawing

Kiz: ‘Mum’s just texted me this snap of Islay’s latest drawing – it’s her best friend, Chris Bear. It’s a darn sight better than the tosh they send her home from playground with: little bits of cut-up paper stuck to another piece of paper. ‘Didn’t they do well?’ Erm……… hello?!’

Ken Dodd statue at Liverpool Lime Street station

Sooze: ‘Arriving at Liverpool Lime Street – and
there’s a statue of Ken Dodd in a ‘chance encounter’
with an MP. I like public art like this – makes you smile.’

28 May 2013

Sarah's costume

Kiz: ‘Sarah’s costume fitting. We’re going with this one.’

'Rocket' van outside the RST in Stratford-upon-Avon

Sooze: ‘What’s this tin can sitting outside the RST in Stratford? Apparently it’s open for drinks & ice-creams during the ‘summer’.  In a mail to RSC staff, the catering team said: ‘The Rocket has been hand-built by family-owned business Retro Rocket in their workshops in Stourport-on-Severn, Worcestershire. Each vehicle takes hundreds of hours of skilled build time and is constructed from scratch to customers’ specification.’ Nice. Hope the Arts Council didn’t pay for it…’

27 May 2013

Preparations for the opera

Kiz: ‘The first rehearsal with all the singers present – the lovely Sarah, Chris, Tim and Hedd. The lady waving her hands about is one of the singing teachers from The Sage who cast and taught them all.’

Clematis at McKechnie's Cafe

Sooze: ‘Enjoying this stunning clematis in the
backyard of McKechnie’s cafe in Stratford.’

26 May 2013

Islay asleep in the car

Kiz: ‘Islay can’t stand the heat and all the excitement and succumbs to sleep on the way to stay with les grandparents. I wish I could sleep in the car. On second thoughts, perhaps that would be a little dangerous..?’

Stratford-upon-Avon canal, where it meets the Birmingham Road

Sooze: ‘Crikey, this industrial bit of Stratford looks almost
pretty today. The new-ish Premier Inn and the outdoor
area on the right here make it look like Amsterdam.’

25 May 2013

Kiz wearing her 'Road Trip' vest top

Kiz: ‘Road Trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the pressie, Sooze!’

Sooze in 'Road Trip' vest

Sooze: ‘Here’s me in the official ‘Kiz and Sooze Road Trip’ vest!’
(Photo by anonymous companion)