Archive | April 2013

30 April 2013

Kiz, Islay and Tian Tian

Kiz: ‘Meet Tian Tian, the only female panda in the UK,
eating her lunch at Edinburgh Zoo.’

Bruise on Sooze's calf muscle

Sooze: ‘I had a fab deep sports therapy massage from
Matt Lyness last night; slept like a log and woke up
feeling bruised. Turns out I am bruised.
Only noticed this when I arrived in London.
Wearing a short dress. Oh well…’


29 April 2013

Sunflower seedling

Kiz: ‘Islay’s sunflower shooting up on the front
windowsill. Islay is one metre tall now but early
indications suggest this flower will out-grow her!’

Spin bike monitor

Sooze: ‘400 kcal, really? Think there’s
something wrong with this spin bike…’

28 April 2013

Bowl of porridge

Kiz:  ‘You know you’re tired when…’

The White Lion, Hampton-in-Arden, by Ray Parker (in pastel pencils)

Sooze: ‘Here’s a snap of a picture of The White Lion in Hampton-in-Arden, in pastel pencils by Ray Parker – I’m over in Hampton today for what I’m calling ‘Ray’s retrospective’, a special exhibition and sale of the work of Hampton’s most prolific and well-loved artist, who died earlier this year. He gave a tremendous amount to the village in terms of his time, energy and love, and was incredibly modest and kind-hearted. He leaves a legacy of hundreds of  paintings and drawings which hang in homes and offices all over the UK.’

27 April 2013

Elijah and Kara during the 'We Lost Elijah' tech at Northern Stage.

Kiz: ‘Elijah and Kara during the We Lost Elijah tech at Northern Stage.’

Coffee in Gusto Ricco / Caffe Vesuvius, Stratford

Sooze: ‘Pretty coffee in Gusto Ricco/Caffe Vesuvius (not sure what it’s called, signs are confusing) in Union Street, Stratford-upon-Avon. Out for coffee and cakes to celebrate Mo’s birthday.’

26 April 2013

Theo playing 'The Limb Game'

Kiz:  ‘My arch-nemesis in the ‘Limb Game’.
(We play this in our warm-ups for focus and
co-ordination. Theo here is pretty sneaky and
vicious. But defeatable!)

Spider on a leaf

Sooze: ‘A pretty blond spider in my courtyard. I heard that yesterday in the courtyard, there was some drama when residents spotted – sunbathing near my car – a small grey stripey snake.’

25 April 2013


Kiz: ‘Today I finished putting the finishing touches to my shed-within-a-cabinet for the play. I’m quite proud of this!’

The Garden Room at the Welcombe Hotel, Stratford-upon-Avon

Sooze: ‘An atmospheric location for my mobile-officing today: The Garden Room at the Welcombe Hotel, Stratford-upon-Avon (I’m working at the Lit Fest).’

24 April 2013

Paracetamol and tissues

Kiz: ‘Guess what the theme is in our house today??’

Coventry: Spon Street and an elephant on a bollard

Sooze: ‘Coventry’s Spon Street – where they moved (literally brick-by-brick) the few medieval buildings that survived the WWII bombings; and an elephant on a bollard, symbolising Coventry’s strength and uhmm, something to do with its connection to dragons and St George.’