Archive | March 2013

31 March 2013

Chocolate crispie cake topped with chocolate eggs

Kiz: ‘A little Easter treat made by Islay and me.
This one has “Mummy, Daddy and baby eggs.’

An unorthodox chocolate-y Easter cake

Sooze: ‘Sharing a big homemade Easter cake with my parents.’


30 March 2013

Neil showing Islay how to skim stones

Kiz: ‘Mr B teaches Islay how to skim stones
at ‘Waters Meet’ – where the North and South
Tyne rivers meet to become the River Tyne.’


Sooze: ‘Brunch at Amanda’s – with pancakes and almond croissants made by appentice-to-Paul-Hollywood Joe Carroll (on the left here), and hot cross buns by Amanda. Thanks you two – best breakfast I’ve had since… Sri Lanka.’

29 March 2013

Landscape view

Kiz: ‘Snow on the Cheviot Hills looking from
my mum and dad’s house. We’ve got off lightly
with the white stuff in our neck of the woods!’

Sooze and Niamh wearing bunny ears in Claire's

Sooze: ‘Easter bunnies…
(Niamh and I on a trip into town
– no, we didn’t buy them.)’

28 March 2013

Bunch of tulips

Kiz: ‘Lovely bunch of tulips given to me
at St. Joseph’s after the show last night.
Looooong day – (6am – 11pm!) but successful
AND I didn’t collapse once!’

Yoga 'om' sign on the wall of The Buzz in Stratford

Sooze: ‘Ben’s painting a giant ‘om’ on the wall of The Buzz.
I’m v fortunate that he’s creating this cosy yoga venue
just a block from my home. Did two hours there this morning.’

27 March 2013

'Thank you' cards

Kiz: ‘Thank you cards from the kids at St.
Joseph’s School. Awwww…’

Sign reading 'Self' on a driveway in Stratford-upon-Avon

Sooze: ‘In case you were looking for it, here it is
(just across the road from my home).’

26 March 2013

Seaside walk

Kiz: ‘Massive swell at Tynemouth… a few brave souls,
including us, went for a walk and a blow-through
on the sands.’

Sooze's feet in the snow - 'YUK'

Sooze: ‘No caption required…’

25 March 2013

Jasper in the wind

Kiz: ‘In contrast to most of the country, we’ve not had much snow up our way, but we’ve got a damn cold wind. Jasper seems to like it though!’

'Group cycling' class with Sarah G at Stratford Leisure Centre

Sooze: ‘7.15am Spin (sorreee, ‘Group Cycle’) with Sarah G.
Running outside is beyond ‘bracing’ and verging on
dangerous at the mo so this is a great way to get warm,
challenge the heart+lungs, and knock off 350 kcals before 7.45am.’