Archive | February 2013

28 February 2013

Sequin-covered statue

Kiz:  ‘This slighty random sequin-covered statue in a
shop window in North Shields that made me
think of you, Sooze.’

Aldi receipt

Sooze: ‘Logging my receipts on the train…
Here on this Aldi receipt, I like the sound of
‘Love spread’ – like chocolate spread, only better for you.
🙂 ‘


27 February 2013

Bowl of fruit

Kiz:  ‘There’s something simply lovely about a bowl of fresh fruit.’

Sculpture of a hand holding a moped outside the Dorchester Hotel, Park Lane, London - it's called 'La Dolce Vita' by Lorenzo Quinn

Sooze: ‘Spotted this outside the Dorchester Hotel
on Park Lane. A quick google-search reveals it’s
called ‘La Dolce Vita’ by Lorenzo Quinn. Love it!
In the same spot previously was a similar piece
with a big child’s hand grasping a Fiat 500.’

26 February 2013

Stuff for the project

Kiz:  ‘Today’s task: tidy away all the stuff from last
week’s project. My house is not a storage facility.’

The Encore - selling 'cocktails', 'Peroni' and... 'leaves'. Mmm!

Sooze: ‘The Encore’s having a refurb. Here on the outside,
they’re advertising what they sell. Even as a hardcore
veg eater, I can’t say I’m enthused about ‘leaves’…’

25 February 2013

What's that in the window?

Kiz: ‘Our newly-single neighbour has displayed his daughter’s Barbie dolls in slightly unconventional positions in the window. (Zoom in to see.) It’s a bit sad really. Funny how he takes them down when his kids come to visit but he’s happy for the kids across the road to see…’

Bruise from intravenous drip

Sooze: ‘Not sure this photo shows it in all its glory but check out
this big bruise on the back of my paw – from the big needle
shoved into it last Wednesday. Last week it was blue/black;
now it’s mellowing to a nice shade of purple. Fetching.’

24 February 2013

Witch Hunter ID

Kiz: ‘And we’re done. A very successful week and
performance. Time to put away my Witch Hunter ID
and start working on ideas for the next one!’

Sooze and Eileen with Huffkin's onion loaf! At The Bell in Stow

Sooze: ‘My M&D are staying at The Bell today – and they brought me
this gift from their recon mission in town: an onion loaf from
Huffkin’s Bakery! Joy. Love this stuff. Hmm, borderline addicted.
What do they put in it? (Besides onions, obv.)’

23 February 2013

Technical rehearsal

Kiz:  ‘Part way through a technical rehearsal…’

Three months' worth of Marvelon

Sooze: ‘Oh great. Never thought I’d be back on these.’

22 February 2013

In rehearsal for 'How to spot a witch'

Kiz:  ‘The director in charge, giving instructions
from behind a tech desk. Eek! One day to go!’

Cuppa, grapes and a play-script

Sooze: ‘After overdoing it yesterday, I’m attempting to rest this morning.
Lots of hot water, munching grapes and reading Brecht’s The Life of Galileo.’