Archive | January 2013

31 January 2013

Child's baking kit

Kiz: ‘Islay’s show-and-tell item for today: a child’s baking kit with mini gingham apron, wooden spoon, hand-whisk, cutters, cake cases and a little book to record all your recipes in! I want one.’

Sooze's new Smart

Sooze: ‘I am a CAR OWNER!
Meet my machine.
(Photo with added ‘TopGear effect’…)’


30 January 2013

Bike loaded with onions

Kiz: ‘Saw this in Corbridge today and thought of you, Sooze!’

Mobile-officing with a big coffee

Sooze: ‘Mobile-officing because went freezing cold and shivering
at home. Working for O2, Zyda and The Bell + reading boring paperwork.
Pay for coffee; heating and wifi are free. Nice.’

29 January 2013

Ten pound note - found in the gutter!

Kiz: ‘I found a tenner in the gutter when I was walking the
pooch this morning. That doesn’t happen often.’

Jester statue and a bright early morning sky

Sooze: ‘The Stratford jester statue and today’s bright watery sunrise.
A sunny day in winter makes me feel like dancing a jig too…’

28 January 2013

Islay with her grandad on his sixtieth birthday

Kiz: ‘Happy 60th birthday, Dad!’

Bell biscuits

Sooze: ‘I made a big batch of spicy ginger biscuits yesterday – including this lot which I’m taking over to The Bell today. I have a shoe-box full of cookie cutters and this is the first time I’ve had an occasion to use this bell cutter…’

27 January 2013

Spring bulbs starting to flower

Kiz: ‘After the speedy thaw come the first glimpses of Spring.’

Smart for sale at Trade Value Cars in Stratford

Sooze: ‘Shall I…?’

26 January 2013

Yaktrax fitted to running shoes

Kiz: ‘If you haven’t got any of these – get some! Yaktrax.
Strap them to any shoe and never end up on your bum
on the snow/ice again! Brilliant for my run today.’

Photo shoot in Gina's living room

Sooze: ‘Photo shoot in Gina’s living room. Looks dodgy but
I’ve seen a preview of the results and they’re looking fab…’

25 January 2013

Pineapple on a stall

Kiz: ‘Tropical fruit in the snow – how often do you see that?’

Theo and Dom setting up the bar at The Bell in Stow

Sooze: ‘Theo (right) and Dom (left) setting up the bar
and cellar at The Bell in Stow.’