Archive | December 2012

31 December 2012

New washing machine

Kiz: ‘The new addition to our family!
Goodbye old washing machine.
We had some good times.’

Tickets for Life of Pi

Sooze: ‘At the Stratford Picturehouse, buying
our tickets for this afternoon in advance.
BOGOF with RSC staff card, yay!’


30 December 2012

Islay outside the very festive Fenwicks' Christmas window in Newcastle

Kiz: ‘Islay outside the very festive Fenwicks’
Christmas window in Newcastle.’

SW's scribble of Forever Friends bears having tea

Sooze: ‘Today is my parents 40th wedding anniversary!
So proud of them! This photo shows the detail on the
card wot I drew for them. (Forever Friends bears are
a recurring theme in their cards to each other.)’

29 December 2012

Andy with umbrellas at Hadrian's Wall

Kiz: ‘My bro, Andy, in a lighter shower than some
we had during our visit to Housesteads Fort on Hadrian’s Wall.’

Sale bargain: Boots from Jones

Sooze: ‘Sale bargain!’

28 December 2012

Kiz and Islay's view of Northern Stage production, 'The Little Detective Agency''

Kiz: ‘Our view of the stage for the delightful Northern Stage
production of The Little Detective Agency this morning –
the first full-length play that Islay’s seen.’

Unusual house on the Welcombe Hills

Sooze: ‘Out on a walk… This unusual house on the
Welcombe Hills sticks out like a sore thumb.’

27 December 2012

Nibbled chocolate Gruffalo

Kiz:  ‘A small child has nibbled the ears and horns
off her chocolate Gruffalo… poor thing.’

Oxfam Christmas book tree

Sooze: ‘A nice attempt at a book-tree in Stratford’s
Oxfam Books & Music. Not a patch on this one though.’

26 December 2012

Smashed-up car

Kiz: ‘Our poor neighbours have their car written off
parked just outside our houses as an old guy blacks out
behind the wheel and ploughs into it!’

The Lazy Cow pub, Solihull

Sooze: ‘The Lazy Cow pub in Solihull advertising themselves
as a ‘Husband Creche’ (enlarge photo to read sign).’

25 December 2012

String trail in the kitchen

Kiz: ‘The wee small hours and I’ve just finished putting out
the string trail for Neil and Islay leading to their stocking-
style-packages for when they wake up – wish I could play too!’

Homemade yule log

Sooze: ‘The yule log made by me and Sophie sits on
the kitchen counter while M&D potter in the background.
(The snowman and tree are over 20 years old.)’