Archive | November 2012

30 November 2012

Islay and Tristan

Kiz: ‘A lovely Friday visit from my friend,
Pippa, and Islay’s friend, Tristan.’

Lemon cake

Sooze: ‘Just finished icing and decorating this big
lemon cake, made-to-order for a birthday.’


29 November 2012

Roaring fire

Kiz: ‘Reason #1 to love cold weather. Roaring fires.’

Sooze: ‘The RSC ‘Meet-and-greet’ for the YPS King Lear company.
As well as the ubiquitous cake (centre: gigantic chocolate muffins),
the fayre included these festively-foliaged oranges.’

28 November 2012

Kiz's working wall

Kiz:  ‘I now have a workspace downstairs, so I’m
not just piling everything on the dining table.
This is my working wall for the Winter Wonderland gig.’

The Flat Chicken

Sooze: ‘The old Island Cafe near my home is being
transformed into ‘The Flat Chicken’. Huh? What
does that mean? Is it like a Flat White?’

27 November 2012

Islay and Mr Potatohead

Kiz: ‘Islay goes all Picasso with Mr Potato Head.’

Cup of coffee at Act V

Sooze: ‘Trying the coffee at a new café in Stratford: Act V.
(Verdict: It’s good – turns out it’s Monmouth coffee.
NB: With an RSC staff card, a latte is only £1)’

26 November 2012

Breakfast and TV

Kiz:  ‘A nourishing start to a Monday morning –
healthy breakfast and C Beebies.’

Flooded River Avon & RST in Stratford

Sooze: ‘The River Avon’s still high around the Boathouse and RST.’

25 November 2012


Kiz: ‘I’ve started to enjoy working this late –
peace, quiet and focus during dark o’clock’

Yoga in gompa

Sooze: ‘In the Tara gompa, doing
solitary yoga practice at 6.30am.’

24 November 2012

TVYT biscuits

Kiz: ‘Making prototype PR biscuits for our end-of-year
event on 9 December – to be given to the
audience in a Random Act of Kindness.’

Twinkly star lights

Sooze: ‘Up early and the cafe/lounge looks
like a twinkly cosy Christmas paradise.
Ironic, in a Buddhist centre.’