Archive | October 2012

31 October 2012

Halloween cup-cakes

Kiz: ‘Happy Halloween! This is a cake Islay
made yesterday with her Nana.’

Dawn at Lake Bled, Slovenia

Sooze: ‘Dawn at Lake Bled – the five-star view from our room.’


30 October 2012


Kiz: ‘Some group members learning how to be clowns.’

Working on laptop in a hotel lounge at Bled

Sooze: ‘A magnificent location for my mobile office.’

29 October 2012

Big sign saying 'LOVELY'

Kiz: ‘Started work on a project called ‘Truce’ at Northern Stage
today. This sign in the foyer summed up the first day.’

Sooze reading by a statue of a reading lady in Ljubjana

Sooze: ‘Two ladies reading in Ljubljana.’

28 October 2012

Autumn leaves

Kiz: ‘The cold snap has made all the trees finally give up
on their leaves – giving us a colourful carpet to enjoy.’

Ljubljana marathon - boys in binbags

Sooze: ‘Less than 2 degrees and snowing, not ideal for a half,
never mind a full marathon. I bailed out; the boys completed theirs.
They’re nutters but I’m secretly very impressed!’

27 October 2012

Snow in Stocksfield

Kiz: ‘Stocksfield had snow this morning! Brrrrrr….’

Sooze at the Triple Bridge (Tromostovje) in Ljubljana

Sooze: ‘At the Triple Bridge (Tromostovje) in Ljubljana.’

26 October 2012

Smiley face in toffees

Kiz: ‘Smiley face left for me by Neil this morning in toffees.’

The Lion with a yellow Fiat 500

Sooze: ‘The Lion admiring a similarly-coloured Fiat 500.’

(BTW, I’ve Photoshopped this – Trieste isn’t this grey…
but Lion and the car really are this yellow.)

25 October 2012

Insulation man

Kiz:  ‘A surreptitiously-taken snap of the nice man
who approved our free insulation to help keep
our bathroom ice-free!’

Aerial view of the Alps

Sooze: ‘The splendour of the Alps viewed from the
less-than-salubrious surroundings of a RyanAir plane.’