Archive | September 2012

30 September 2012


Kiz: ‘Grandma’s latest knitted undertaking for Islay.
(2 mins before, Islay had pulled the knitting needles out of it!)’

Stratford Leisure Centre

Sooze: ‘After a week of pasta+vino, I spent all morning here…’


29 September 2012


Kiz: ‘Cheeky moves being made on the thank-you cake
we made for Grandma (the babysitter!)’

Cactii on a table

Sooze: ‘Waiting in the drizzle at the Meridiana.
It’s even beautiful in the rain…’

28 September 2012


Kiz: ‘Autumn is here – time to get the woollies out!’

Riva del Garda

Sooze: ‘Riva del Garda, picture perfect.’

27 September 2012


Kiz: ‘Well-travelled quince amongst the autumn fare in the local farm shop.’

Deckchairs on Monte Baldo, Malcesine, Italy

Sooze: ‘Optimistic sunbathing 1750m up Monte Baldo. Brr.’

26 September 2012

Modern art by Islay

Kiz: ‘Modern art by Islay Fay – another one for the gallery’

Malcesine castle

Sooze: ‘Malcesine castle, taken from the ferry. This is pretty much my view
when I’m swimming – it’s like swimming inside a beautiful painting.’

25 September 2012

Durham River Wear

Kiz: ‘The River Wear swollen to bursting hurtling through Durham.
By the time I finished work, half the tables were submerged/swept away!’

Sooze writing postcards

Sooze: ‘Amanda was supposed to be photographing
the buildings in this piazza…’

24 September 2012

Feet up at the spa

Kiz: ‘Feet up for a few hours at the spa.’


Sooze: ‘A tall happy sunflower outside Malcesine castle.
A suitable metaphor, no?’